Air-Sea Interactions with Martin Visbeck (Feb 2001)

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Ocean and Atmospheric Physics

Originally presented February 10, 2001

Background information about Air-Sea Interactions 

Dr. Michael J. Passow will provide a brief overview (PowerPoint and HTML) at some of the key questions to be considered in today’s program. He will also lead participants through American Meteorological Society’s teacher-training activities about this topic.

Air-Sea Interaction–Applications of Educational Technologies

We will try to provide time to work through some Internet- and CD-based learning opportunities pertaining to Air-Sea Interactions.

Dr. Martin Visbeck will present some of his research concerning Air-Sea Interactions centered in the North Atlantic.

Building your own WebQuest

Today you will build your own WebQuest while you start practicing some desktop publishing skills. You don’t have to get complicated to build a WebQuest. You can do it in Word (see sample below – third link), put it on the Web (there are several online tools that help you do this which we will see in future workshops), or even do it in PowerPoint!

Today we will use Word to practice:

  • How to copy, paste and activate a hyperlink in a local file (Word, PowerPoint, Inspiration, whatever…)
  • How to toggle back and forth from the Web Browser window to the local document window.
  • How to copy an image from the web to a local document.
  • Saving the document as a template that all students can start the activity from and then save as their own.

Using the materials presented today, think of an activity related to the classroom curriculum you are teaching. Following the Format Sheet (first link below and handouts), you will quickly plan a WebQuest activity using the Air-Sea links provided in the resources section (you can use one, two, or all of them!). You then will start developing a document to present the WebQuest to your students.

Here are some examples of projects that use Real-time Data, developed by the Steven’s Institute, that you could participate in or get ideas from:

* To download any of our files, right-click on top of the link and choose Save Target As… This command will download the file to your computer, be it Word, PowerPoint, HTML, image, whatever.


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