What is Earth2Class ?

“Earth2Class” is a unique educational resource and professional development program created at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University jointly by classroom teachers, research scientists, and educational technology specialists . Our approach integrates science content knowledge with increased understanding and skills about learning and technology in the classroom. Through weekend and summer workshops, K-14 student and teacher-participants combine presentations by research scientists about “cutting-edge” investigations with acquisition of new background information and classroom-ready applications. Teleconferencing allows teachers unable to attend in person to participate in the workshops. Our web site provides a variety of resources for teachers and students. These include one of the most comprehensive set of Earth Science curriculum units anywhere, web-based student investigations, links to useful Internet pages, links to national and state Standards, and other features. Networking through E2C promotes opportunities outside the workshops. E2C has received enthusiastic reactions both from teachers involved in the workshops and others that have only viewed the web site.