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Note: This is a continuous work-in-progress. If you have suggestions for additions or find problems, please notify michael@earth2class.com.
Each of the linked Units below contains:
Key Vocabulary Terms for High School (PSES) and Middle School (ILS) courses
Key Ideas
Selected Labs and Activities
Selected Websites
Links to NYS Earth Science Reference Tables
State Standards for NYS High School (PSES) and Middle School (ILS)

GSA Online Education Resource GuideAMNH Online resources
PRI Educational Resources WebinarNESTA Online Resources
Science Literacy InitiativesObservation And MeasurementModels Of The Earth
Minerals, Rocks, And ResourcesEarthquakes, Volcanoes, And Plate TectonicsShaping The Earth’s Surface
The Water Cycle And Groundwater SystemsNew York State and New Jersey GeologyEarth History
Weather And ClimateEarth And Space (Astronomy)Oceanography
Energy and the EnvironmentUsing the ES Reference TablesRegents Earth Science Exam Preparation (Written/Performance)
Educational OrganizationsMiscellaneous ResourcesCourses and Other Curriculum Resources