“An Environmental History of the Hudson River” with Dallas Abbott

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Hudson River Studies

“An Environmental History of the Hudson River” with  Dallas Abbott

Originally presented 11 Feb 2017

Dallas Abbott’s Home Page

We are pleased to welcome back Dr. DALLAS ABBOTT, who has presented more E2C Workshops than any other LDEO researcher. Dallas’ recent investigations have included examining sediments collected from the Hudson River that reveal evidence of past storms. The Hudson served as one of the country’s most important transportation routes during the Industrial Age of the 19th and 20th centuries. These activities have also left a record in the sediments that Dallas and colleagues are unraveling.


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Selected Resources about the Hudson River

“A Brief Geologic History of the Hudson Valley”

Seismic Profile of the Hudson River #1          Seismic Profile of the Hudson River #2

“Natural History of the Hudson River” (Cary Institute)

“River Guide to the Hudson River” (Alan C. Aimone)

Selected Resources to Teach about the Hudson River Valley’s Storm History

“The Climate of New York” (NOAA)                               NCDC Storm Data          Storm Events database

List of New York Hurricanes (Wikipedia)

The 1938 Hurricane (Monthly Weather Review)           Report from the Weather Bureau

Majors Floods (NWS Albany Office)

“Telling Hudson River Stories with Graphs 2. Storms and Water Levels” (NYS DEC) (ppt)

“The History of Sandy and Hurricanes in the Northeast” (FEMA) (ppt)

Storm damage                                                     Hurricane Irene                                   Sandy Lexington Ave line damage

Selected Resources to Teach about the “Industrial Hudson”

“Explore the Hudson Valley’s Rich History

“The Hudson River Valley and the Industrial Revolution”

“The Transportation Revolution”

“The Industrial Revolution”

“Hudson Valley Brick-Making”

The Haverstraw Brick Museum

“Hudson River Icehouses and Ice Industry”

The Hudson River Maritime Museum


http://brickcollecting.com/history.htm                      Yonkers Power Plant/Arts Center in the Future?         Fulton’s “Clermont”

Selected Educational Activities 

“Phenology and Climate Patterns” pdf   .docx         “Hudson River Ice-Closings 1789 – 1856” pdf  .xclx

“A Day in the Life of the Hudson River”

LDEO Secondary School Field Research Program

How a Mass Spectrometer Works

Previous E2C Workshops Focuses on the Hudson River

Marvels in the Mud: The Exquisite Unseen History of the Hudson River with Dallas Abbott (May 2014)
“Science In and Beneath the Hudson’s Waters” with Frank Nitsche and Margie Turrin (Apr 2010)
“Sewage contamination in the Hudson: patterns and processes” with Andrew Juhl (Jan 2010)
Hudson River Project: Coordinated efforts bringing teachers and students together to study the Hudson River with Margie Turrin and Tim Kenna (Oct 2006)
“From Forest Primeval to Urban Landscape: Marsh Archives of the Hudson Estuary” with Dorothy Peteet (Feb 2004)
“Digging Up the Dirt on the Hudson River” with Robin Bell (Mar 2002)

Additional LDEO Links

H. James Simpson obituary

“Imagining the Hudson Before Humans”