Astronomy Curriculum Suggestions

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“Key Ideas–Earth’s Place in Space/Astronomy”“PSES Core Concepts–Astronomy”
“ILS Core Concepts–Astronomy”Key Terms–Astronomy       


(Note: These are presented as examples of activities and presentations. Some are specific to my classes in Englewood, NJ.
You should modify these for your classes, and, of course, give appropriate credit for their origin.)

Early Astronomy–Important ConceptsThe Sun” (slideshow)Earth’s Motions–Rotation and Revolution
Modeling the Apparent Path of the Sun Across the Sky”Modeling the Sun’s Path at the Equinoxes and SolsticesSpecial Days in the Earth Sun Relationship
Changing Lengths of Day and Night“Understanding Patterns of Sunrise and Sunset”“Observing and Recording Daily Weather/Sun/Moon Patterns”
Understanding Earth-Moon InteractionsPhases of the Moon“Moon Phases and Tides”
Planet Tourism Ad CampaignA Taxonomy from the Universe to Atoms“Light and Astronomical Observations” (slideshow)
“What Your Should Know about Stars” (slideshow)“The Big Bang and Cosmology” (slideshow)Examples of Assessment Questions: Earth-Sun relationships”

Additional Links from the Earth2Class website:

“Selected resources Created by Dr. Michael J Passow” (scroll down to “Astronomy”)“Curriculum Units: Selected Labs and Activities”


NASA “For Educators”          “For Students”               “Search Educational Resources”

American Museum of Natural History Science Bulletins (Explore the “Astronomy” offerings)

AMNH Earth and Planetary Science Halls          Rose Center for Earth and Space

Smithsonian Institutions National Air and Space Museum          Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center


For Middle School:

Eclipses (suggested by S. Olrogg

Rotation of the Earth (suggested by S. Olrogg)

Revolution of the Earth (suggested by S. Olrogg)

See also for additional suggestions

For High School:

H-R Diagram Activity” and  (Suggested by R. Pearson)

Making a Children’s Book about Astronomy”