Core/Mantle Studies with Michael J. Passow (Dec 2000)

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Core/ Mantle Studies
Presented by Michael J Passow
based on research of Paul Richards

Originally presented 16 Dec 2000

Dr. Paul Richards ( is one of the leading researchers into what is going on in Earth’s Core and Mantle. He was to be the guest scientist for this Workshop, but had to attend the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting to present with some of his doctoral students.

Science Content presentation about Core and Mantle Studies.
Core and Mantle Studies (ppt)          Core and Mantle Studies  (pdf)

“Iron’Jet Stream’ Detected in Earth’s Outer Core”  (BBC News 19 Dec 2016)

“New Candidate for ‘Missing’ Element in the Core”  (BBC News 10 Jan 2017)