“Cores and Climate Change” with Gerard Bond and Rusty Lotti Bond (Feb 2003)

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Paleoclimatology

Introduction by Dr. Michael J. Passow

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This introductory slide show will give you information about how deep-sea cores are obtained and some of the important discoveries about climates of the past that they have revealed.

Earth Science Content

Guest Scientist: Gerard Bond

Dr. Gerard Bond uses ice-rafted sediments and microfossils to explore climate changes during the past few thousand years. He will discuss evidence that Earth’s climate has undergone abrupt changes in the recent past, including the Little Ice Age of the 1400s – 1800s. Variations in solar energy apparently play significant roles in such shifts, and these can be detected in the core materials.


Guest Scientist Rusty Lotti Bond

“The LDEO Deep-Sea Core Repository”—While one group meets with Dr. Bond, the rest will visit Rusty Lotti Bond, Curator of the Lamont-Doherty Deep-Sea Sample Repository, the largest collection of material from the below the ocean floor.  For more than fifty years, the Repository collection of sediment samples has provided material for scientists worldwide to research many facets of our earth’s systems. Deep-sea cores contain microfossils and minerals that can be used as environmental indicators, or reveal climate change. Variations of color and texture resulting from changes over time in the sediment are clearly visible in the cores. The dynamics and significance of these changes will be explored in the workshop. Participants will receive samples of “flow-in” (actual deep-sea material) that can be used with students to create exciting investigations.

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Time permitting, basic web page creation skills will be covered, both using Word as well as using online tools.

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