“Earth’s Variable Climate Spectrum” with Joseph D. Ortiz (Apr 2000)

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Paleoclimatology

Originally presented 1 April 2000

The objective of this workshop will be to provide teachers with an introduction to the factors that drive climate change on a variety of time scales. Dr. Ortiz will discuss processes that drive climate on a variety of timescales from the seasonal to 10’s of thousands of years. Study of the Monsoon system serves as an example of how some of these climatic forcing functions interact. On seasonal timescales, Monsoon circulation systems in African, India and Asia are driven by the thermal contrast between land and sea. Likewise, during times in the geologic past when orbital parameters maximized seasonal contrast, enhanced Monsoon systems existed. This effect has been successfully simulated with global climate models (GCMs) and observed using geologic data such as lake level records. Material presented in the workshop, including a presentation of educational software on the Monsoon, and lists of internet-based educational material provides a rich context for teacher to explore the natural phenomenon of climate with their students on a variety of levels.