“Enigmas and Controversy in Science: Examples from Madagascar and Russian Lakes.” with Dallas Abbott (16 Apr 2016)

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with Dallas Abbott

Originally presented 16 Apr 2016

Dallas Abbott has shared her studies of impact craters around the world at E2C Workshops for more than a decade, and we are please to welcome her back for a description of the Summer 2015 field studies of the surface features found in the area of Lake Smerdyachee, Russia. This workshop provides an excellent example of the objectives embodied in the  NGSS “Nature of Science”–Science is a continuous process of discovery. Dallas and colleagues have also gained interesting insights about unusual features on Madagascar. These chevrons may provide clues to gargantuan tsunamis from an asteroid impact 10,000 years ago.

Dallas’ previous E2C program on Lake Smerdyachee: “How Did Those Rocks Get Up There? Exploring Lake Smerdyachee, Russia” (April 2015).

introductory Slide Show: Impact Craters 2016

View Dallas Abbott’s Slide Show about Madagascar and Russian Lakes 2016

[Note: The complete Power Point can be viewed through DropBox at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a0zwcyyx16rs5mo/Madagascar_Russian_Lakes_E2C_2016.pptx?dl=0]

Media articles about Dallas’s research discoveries:

“The Sky Is Falling” (The Atlantic, June 2008)

“Ancient Crash, Epic Wave” (The New York Times, Nov 14, 2006)

“Scientists Debate Evidence of Ancient Megatsunami” (National Geographic, Dec 22, 2015)

Here is where the “Enigma and Controversy” comes in:

“Giant Dunes, Not Mega-Tsunamis”

Resource about another of Dallas’ research projects: “Scientists Debate Evidence of Ancient Megatsunami”

“Impact Earth” from Purdue University