Going to Sea for Science on the “Marcus G. Langseth” with Meagan Cummings (Sep 2010)

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Originally presented 25 Sep 2010

Originally presented 25 Sep 2010

In our opening session of this academic year, first, Meagan Cummings of LDEO’s Office of Marine Operations will share some of the cutting-edge investigations made aboard Lamont’s latest research vessel, the “Marcus G. Langseth.” You’ll also have the opportunity to learn some of the history of previous ships, including the “Vema,” “Robert C. Conrad,” and Maurice Ewing.”
Next, Kim Kastens will share news about an NSF grant we have just received, entitled “Professional Development to Improve the Spatial Thinking of Earth Science Teachers and Students.” We’re excited about what this project might contribute to better classroom teaching and teacher preparation.
Finally, after lunch, Nicole Davi of the Tree Ring Lab will lead a walk through the Lamont Forest. This will help prepare for the E2C contributions to the annual Open House on 2 Oct.

Introduction to this Workshop

“Lamont Scientists at Sea” slide show
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Cutting-Edge Research

Meagan Cummings is the Marine Environmental safety Coordinator at Lamont’s Office of Marine Operations. In today’s E2C Workshop, she shares information about Columbia’s newest research vessel, the Marcus G. Langseth, and LDEO’s efforts to mitigate harm to marine mammals.

Part 1 — Lamont’s History of Ocean Exploration
Part 2 — Marine Mammal Protection Protocols

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