“Impact Craters Under the Sea” with Dallas Abbott (Dec 2002)

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Originally presented Dec 2002

An Introduction by Dr. Michael J. Passow

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Earth Science Content

The interests of research scientists range widely, as exemplified by today’s talk by Dr. Dallas Abbott. Much of her work has investigated the thermal history of the earth, and the manner in which heat transport through the crust and upper mantle influences geological processes, both ancient and present-day. But during the course of such investigations, she noticed evidence that the intensity of mantle plumes (e.g. Hawaii) might be the result of meteorite and other objects crashing into the Earth’s oceans. Dr. Abbott will share some of this evidence, describe the techniques she uses to explore these problems, and discuss where future investigations may lead in our knowledge of Earth’s past and future.

Integrating Educational Technologies

WebQuests: a Web Strategy to Get Your Students Involved!

WebQuests were created by Dr. Bernie Dodge and Tom March in 1995, at the San Diego State University. They have become such a popular strategy for teaching with the web, that many materials and tools have been developed to help newcomers (and more savvy users as well!) to develop a WebQuest of their own.

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Resources from Dr. Passow’s Presentation
Impact Craters

STS-9 Image of the Manicouagan Crater

Terrestrial Impact Craters, Second Edition

Barringer Crater (image)

Map of Recognized Impact Structures on Earth 2000

Illustrations of Simple and Complex Craters

Chicxulub Structure in Mexico

Information on Tsunamis

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Information on Impact Craters

Information and Classroom Activities (Hawai’i Space Grant College)

Select URL’s about Impact Craters

For more information and some classroom activities:

The Meteor Crater home page:

A Webquest about impact craters:

Technology Resources

The WebQuest Page (San Diego State University)

Examples of WebQuests

Training Materials and Templates

WebQuest Tutorial

Class Assignments

Based on the information you have learned about Impact Craters and WebQuests, think about how you could modify the way you teach this topic to make it more meaningful to your students.

Share your ideas with the group, using the virtual classroom, to discuss:

1. Why it is important for students to learn about impact craters and scientists to study about them. (contextualize the topic).

2. How you could use the WebQuest format to get your students more involved in thinking and acting scientifically.