“Impacts of Acute Warming on Arctic Flora and Fauna” with Natalie Boelman (Jan 2014)

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Natalie Boelman

Originally presented 11 Jan 2014


Natalie Boelman is a Lamont Assistant Research Professor in the Biology and Paleo Environment Division.

The main goals of my research are to better understand:

  • the ways in which the composition, physical structure, and phenology of Arctic-Boreal vegetation are changing
  •  how these changes impact resident and migratory animals
  • the role that animals in turn play in mediating climate-induced change in the region

My research has been spotlighted in this news story “Climate, Fires, and Birds: How Is the Tundra Changing?”
nd in this video: “Climate Change in Arctic Tundra: From Wildfire to Songbirds”

The impact of climate warming and changing seasonality, on the interactions among vegetation, insects and songbird communities in an Arctic tundra ecosystem, on the North Slope of Alaska (field surveys, in situ remote sensing, bioacoustics)  Project Webpage    New York Times Field Blog

(2) Understanding burn severity sensing in Arctic tundra:  Exploring vegetation indices, sub-optimal assessment timing and the impact of increasing pixel size   (field surveys, in situ and satellite remote sensing, bioacoustics)

(3)  Use of remote sensing to study changes in biophysical structure associated with shifts in species dominance in Arctic tundra  (field surveys, in situ and airborne remote sensing) Project Webpage

NGSS Connections: LS1, LS2,LS3, LS4, ESS2.E, ESS3

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How are warmer temperatures in the Arctic tundra impacting migratory songbirds who go there to breed?

Introduction to this Workshop


Scientific Resources

Arctic Researchers Race to Uncover Effect of Global Warming on Songbirds (Audubon Magazine Sep-Oct 2013)ABoVE: Arctic Boreal Vulnerability Experiment
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Polar Field Service Network ‘Field Notes’Toolik Field Station, Institute of Arctic Biology
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Classroom resources

Activity: Solar Radiation (.pdf) Solar Radiation  (.doc)
Activity: annual_sunrise_sunset_patterns“How Permanent Is Permafrost?” (Earth Exploration Toolbook)
PolarTREC Teachers and Researchers Exploring and CollaboratingByrd Polar Research Center, Ohio State University
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“Birds: What Can They Tell Us About Our Planet?” by Paul R. Schmidt (An ActionBioscience.org Original Article)AMS Earth’s Climate System