Latest Developments in Ocean Exploration: LDEO’s New Research Vessel “Marcus G. Langseth” and the “New” “JOIDES Resolution” Drilling Ship (May 2009)

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Originally presented 9 May 2009

We’ll get a first-hand account of the modernization and most recent discoveries from the JOIDES Resolution drilling ship, provided by Dr. Gerry Iturrino of the LDEO Borehole Research Group. We’ll also provide a brief history of ocean exploration by Lamont-Doherty scientists, including the latest in a long line of LDEO  scientific research vessels, the “Marcus G. Langseth.”

Introduction to this Workshop

Here is today’s introductory presentation:

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Cutting-Edge Research

Dr. Gerardo Iturrino represented LDEO Borehole Research Group during the recent re-fitting of the JOIDES Resolution. Gerry spent much of the past two-plus years ‘commuting’ between NY, Singapore, and elsewhere to help get the JR back to sea.

Here is his presentation about what was accomplished, and future plans for the JR.          ppt version          pdf version

Note: There are embedded mages and movies in the powerpoint that may require appropriate software to unzip. Some of these features may not function in the pdf version.

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