“Living and Discovering on the New, Improved JOIDES Resolution” with Trevor Williams (Oct 2009)

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Originally presented 17 Oct 2009

The unique deep sea drilling ship. the “JOIDES Resolution” has returned to sea following a major refitting that took over two years. Trevor Williams of Lamont’s Borehole Research Group has already served on one “leg” and will share what it’s like to live and conduct research aboard the “new, improved JR.”

Following Trevor’s talk, we’ll explore selected educational resources created by the Deep Earth Academy, the educational program of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP.)

Introduction to this Workshop

Here is the introductory slide presentation for today’s workshop:

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Cutting-Edge Research

We’ll post Dr. Trevor Williams’ presentation soon.

Classroom Resources

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JR Teacher Resources

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Ocean Drilling: How the Past Can Provide Clues to our Planet’s Future Climate
 Up Close With Ocean Cores: JOIDES Scientists Put the Seabed Under the Microscope

Consortium for Ocean Leadership DEEP EARTH ACADEMY

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