Marvels in the Mud: The Exquisite Unseen History of the Hudson River with Dallas Abbott (May 2014)

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Hudson River Studies, Impact Craters

Originally presented 3 May 2014

What do slag, marine fossils and tin crystals have in common?   They are buried at different depths in Hudson River mud and their microscopic images are both beautiful and informative. They can tell us about past historical events-how travel on the Hudson evolved from sloops to steamboats to diesel, when large hurricanes drove seawater into the Hudson, and possibly when molten tin from an exploding comet fragment coated debris dropping into the Hudson. Come see and hear about the environmental history of the Hudson as told by images of marvelous mud.

Dallas Abbott is an Adjunct Research Scientist whose research has ranged from impact craters to historic climate disasters. Dallas holds a special place in Earth2Class: She has provided workshops every year since 2002! In this year’s talk, Dallas will share results from some of the recent research she has undertaken to learn more about Earth’s geologic history.    


DEE BREGER of MICROGRAPHIC ARTS is a “microphotographer”–her specialty is making images of extremely tiny objects using scanning electron microscopes. Dallas and Dee have worked together for many years, a collaboration that continues today with images in Dallas’s SLIDESHOW FOR TODAY’S WORKSHOP:  Abbott_Earth_to_Class_2014a

Some of Dallas’s Previous Earth2Class Presentations

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LDEO Hudson River Research


Cary Institute of Ecological Studies: “Natural History of the Hudson River”