Nathan Lenssen: “How Do We Know the Temperature of the Earth?”

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The annual global mean temperature anomaly is an important and highly publicized index of climate change. Changes in the global mean temperature are a result of an energy imbalance in the Earth system. Over the past 150 years, human emission of greenhouse gases has led to increased global temperatures with the last seven years being the seven warmest years on record. This increased global mean temperature results in regional climate changes in temperature and precipitation that impact life on Earth. While the global mean temperature is important, it is not straightforward to calculate, particularly 100+ years ago. In this session, we will explore the history of global mean temperature calculations, discuss how scientists currently calculate changes in the temperature of the Earth, show how confident these calculations of global temperature are, and discuss the various sources of data used to calculate and verify the temperature record over the past 150+ years. 


Nathan Lennsen’s slide show (pdf)

GISS Surface Temperature Analysis

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