“OASIS—The Observatory for Air-Sea Interaction Studies” with Chris Zappa

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Originally presented 21 Apr 2018

Christopher Zappa’s team prepares a fixed-wing drone for a flight to study Arctic sea ice off Svalbard, Norway. Photo: Christopher Zappa

Chris Zappa is a Lamont Associate Research Professor who studies ocean-atmosphere interface processes. These include wave dynamics and wave breaking; effect of near-surface turbulence on heat, gas, and momentum transport; infrared remote sensing; upper-ocean processes; coastal and estuarine processes; and other air-sea interactions. Chris leads “OASIS–The Observatory from Air-Sea Interaction Studies”.
OASIS is a multi-institution, multi-national program seeking to understand better the dynamics of the atmosphere-ocean boundary through the synergy of scientists from many different areas of expertise. Group members develop and deploy instruments, including infrared, multispectral, and polarimetric cameras, on fixed and mobile platforms, such as ships, aircrafts, buoys, and underwater autonomous vehicles.
Study areas range from laboratory wind-wave tanks to local rivers and estuaries, to shelf seas and polynyas, to open ocean from the poles to the equator. This research will assist in developing a quantitative understanding of the ocean-atmosphere coupling will greatly increase understanding of marine storms, ocean waves, upper ocean circulation, climate change and their impact on the physics, chemistry, and biology of the oceans.

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View Chris’s slides show

Chris also provides E2C with two movies showing aspects of his field research:
Drone flying

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