“Paleoclimatology” with Joseph D. Ortiz (Jan 2001)

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Paleoclimatology

Originally presented January 27, 2001

Introduction to this Session–Dr. Michael J. Passow

Background about this Session’s Theme: (PowerPoint or HTML)

  • Weather vs. Climate
  • What creates Earth’s climates?
  • “Patterns of Change” activities

Paleoclimatology” — Dr. Joseph D. Ortiz

Searching the Web – Cristiana Assumpcao

In order to build a lesson that uses well the resources of the web, and also save a lot of your planning time, there are some good search strategies you can use to give you better results. This will be immensely helpful in building the Resources section of your WebQuest as well.

These strategies will allow you to either narrow or broaden your search, depending on what you’re looking for.

To practice these, you will use Bernie Dodge’s Tips on Better Searching and compare what kinds of results you get using Altavista. You will have 20 minutes for this activity. After you’ve finished this online worksheet, try other search engines and compare their results.

You will work in 3 groups:

  1. Yahoo Group
  2. Ask Jeeves Group
  3. Google Group

The challenge: find the best web-based investigations on Climate and Weather. You will have 20 minutes to do the search using your assigned engine. We will compare the results and discuss them at the end of the session! Good hunting!


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