“Planetary Differentiation on Earth and its Implications: From The Solar Nebula to Today” with Kevin Wheeler (Feb 2007)

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Originally presented 10 Feb 2007

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Where Is He Now?  http://www.ldeo.columbia.edu/about-ldeo/alumni/alumni-profile-kevin-wheeler-usaid-phd-07

We are pleased to feature Kevin Wheeler, who will defend his doctoral dissertation within the next month or so. Kevin completes five years of studying  the chemical composition of the Earth’s core, and the impact it has on the rest of the planet. His talk is entitled “Planetary Differentiation on Earth and Its Implications: From the Solar Nebula to Today.” Here’s a chance to learn about planetary accretion, recent results of petrological research, and how investigators use such elements as U, Pd, and Ag to interpret Earth’s history.

Kevin grew up in Virginia and majored in Geology at Brown University. At Columbia during the past five years, Kevin has been investigatingthe chemical composition of the earth’s core and the impact it has on the rest of the planet. After he defends his dissertation, Kevin will take up a position at a consulting firm in Houston.

 Cutting-Edge Research

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Below are online resources suggested by Kevin Wheeler to enhance your understanding about “The Search for Planetary Differentiation”

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Origin of the Solar System (3.4 Mbyte avi animation).Clip of the NASA movie I Will See Such Things, from web site http://spaceart.com .

Images from this Workshop (courtesy of Greg G. Hofer)