PSES Core Concepts – Models of the Earth

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NY Standard 4 Core Concepts
1.1i.  Approximately 70% of Earth’s surface is covered by a relatively thin layer of water.
1.1c.  Earth’s coordinate system of latitude and longitude, with the equator and prime meridian are reference lines, is based upon Earth’s rotation and our observation of the Sun and stars.
1.1d.  Earth rotates on an imaginary axis at a rate of 15 degrees per hour. To people on Earth, this turn of the planet makes it seem as though the Sun, Moon, and stars are moving around Earth once a day. Rotation provides a basis for our system of local timemeridians of longitude are the basis for time zones.
2.1q.  Topographic maps represent landforms through use of contour lines (isolines connecting points of equal elevation.) Gradients and profiles can be determined from changes in elevation over a given distance.
NY Standard 6 Key Ideas
2. Models are simplified representations of objects, structures, or systems used in analysis, explanation, interpretation, or design.
2. Grouping of magnitudes of size or other units of measurement into a series of relative order provides a useful way to deal with the immense range and changes in scale that affect the behavior and design of systems.