“Rocks and Minerals” with David Walker (Oct 2000)

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Deep Earth Research

Rocks and Minerals

Guest Scientist: David Walker 

Originally presented Oct 2000 


Welcome/Introduction to “Earth2Class”

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Guest Scientist: David Walker

Dr. Walker is the Higgins Professor in Columbia’s Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, with many achievements in the field of Geochemistry.

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Basic to teaching Earth science. In this program, we find out how a petrologist looks at them, especially the crystalline state that characterizes minerals. The best way to demonstrate that minerals are crystalline is to show that they diffract X-rays. The variety of diffraction patterns produced is extremely useful in distinguishing different minerals from each other. A demonstration of diffraction and the theory behind it will be presented with practical applications.

Rocks and Minerals Resources

Educational Technology,

Virtual Simulations of Microscopy and Optics – Make sure you check out the Polarized Light Microscopy to see how crystallized specimens appear when viewed through a polarized light microscope. Samples include a Moon rock, a dinosaur bone, spinach, amethyst and many others.