Selected Activities and PowerPoints

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Regents Earth Science Exam Review Activities

Using the 2011 ESRT created by Julie Ann Hugick (Eastchester)Vocabulary for the Regents E.S. Exam (Deena Bollinger Kramarczyk/South Orangetown Middle School)
RES Reference Table Search Game100 Illustrated Ways to Pass the Earth Science Regents“ (Christopher Sheehan and Glenn Dolphin) 
ES vocabulary list suggested by Michael Stark (Schuylerville)

Steve Kluge offers these suggestions to prepare for Part D.

Seth Horowitz (Blind Brook MS) provides these parallel tasks for Part D:

 Practice for Part DRock & Mineral IDLocating an Epicenter
Finding EpicentersOrbits and Ellipses

Timothy Leigh-Manuell provides this parallel task guide.

Important Vocabulary Terms, Scientific and Non-Scientific

FWelfare_Regents_termsFWelfare_NonScience_WordsKen Gould’s (Mostly) Illustrated Glossary of Regents Earth Science Terms
Vocabulary-for-the-Regents-E.S.-ExamLatin and Greek prefix & suffix roots worksheetScience Root Words, Prefixes, and Suffixes
Common Misunderstood Vocabulary for the ES Exam

Basic Investigation Skills

    “Observation and Measurement” (high school level)  (pdf)  (Word)LDEO Student Visit Activities: Seasons, Plants, and Geology“Density” (S. Ornstein) (pdf
    “Science Is Like a Puzzle” (D. Sherwood)“Cousin’s Animal” (J. Carafella)

    Models of Our Planet

      “Understanding Latitude and Longitude”  (pdf)   (Word)Geographic featuresMaps” (online continents and oceans)

      Minerals, Rocks, and Resources


      Minerals (ppt)       Minerals (pdf)
      Rocks (ppt)Rocks (pdf)
      “Mineral Identification” activity (Word)“Rocks” activities New York State (Word) New Jersey (Word) (pdf)
      Density of minerals and rocks

      Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Plate Tectonics

      “Earthquakes on the Web” activityEARTH’S INTERIOR LAYERS (ppt)     or   (pdf)
      TYPES OF PLATE BOUNDARIES (ppt)   or   (pdf)“Blast from the Past” poster and classroom activities
      “Convection Cells and Rifting” (J. Ebert et al.)“Crustal Plates” (S. Ornstein)

      Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, and Landscapes


      “Hudson River Studies” (ppt) (html)Shaping the Surface


      “Activities about Sediments”“Angle of Repose” by A J Hepworth (Mineola MS)
      “Rate of Chemical Weathering” activity“Glaciers” by Cheryl Dodes (Port Washington HS)
      Landscape Images“ by Heather Renyck (Milford, NH)“Landscapes on the Web”
      chemical weathering labwater cycle and energy

      Weather and Climate

      KEY CONCEPTS:“Energy in the Atmosphere” Core Concepts


      “Characteristics of the Atmosphere” “Cloud Types” (ppt)  (pdf)
      How Well Can You Identify Clouds?“Clouds and Precipitation” (pdf)
      “Understanding Isobars” by Julie Ann Hugick (Eastchester MS) (ppt)“Heating the Atmosphere”
      “Making the Invisible Visible”“Observing Weather: Making the Invisible Visible” (ppt(pdf)
      “Satellite Oceanography” (ppt)“Water in the Atmosphere” (pdf)
      “What Controls Temperatures? (pdf)CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES 

      “How Do We Observe, Represent, Analyze, and Compare Climate Patterns?”

      (climate_analysis) (pdf)                        climate_analysis (Word)
      Cornell_notes_air masses fronts pressure systems”Cornell_notes_climate
      Energy activities“Solar Radiation”
      “Heating Different Earth Materials” activity Daily Weather Observations” (Excel) [pdf version]
      “Satellite Oceanography Investigations” (Word)


      KEY CONCEPTS “Earth In Space” Core Concepts


      The Sun“The Sun” (pdf)
      Light and Astronomical Observations“Light and Astronomical Observations” (pdf)
      Stars and Deep TimeThe Big Bang and Cosmology
      “Planet Tourism” project“Planet Tourism” project


      “Sun and Moon Rise and Set Times and Phases” (Excel)Sunrise_Sunset_activity
      Day_Night_Seasons_activity“Modeling the Sun’s Path Across the Sky”
      Moon PhasesSpecial Days in the Earth Sun relationship
      Early AstronomyMoon Phases


      “Neptune” (ppt) (pdf) — Created by Becky Lange, WPMS 2005“Phases of the Moon” lesson plan by Linda Ruiz McCall:
       “October 2004 Lunar Eclipse” by Virginia Seberg and George Potanovic“Sun Paths” by Sheila Ornstein
      “Star Life Cycles” by Joan Heymont

      Earth History

      “A Model of Radioactive Decay” (“Penny Lab)“Fossils” problem set
      “Fossils of New Jersey project”“A Brief Survey of Important Fossil Groups”
      Understanding the Vastness of Geologic Time (Geologic Time Scale)“A Brief Survey of Fossil Groups” (ppt)
      “Dox Rox Time Travel” Project (Geologic Time Scale)“GeoHistory Cards” (Charles Burrows)


              Continental Margins (pptx)Continental Margins
              “Where Will My Ship Go?” (ppt)“Where Will My Ship Go? Investigations” (Word)
              “El Nino-La Nina and North Atlantic Oscillation” sample questions“Tales of the Resolution” home page
              Tales of the Resolution” general directions “Tales of the Resolution” response form
              “Tales of the Resolution” Reading Activities


              Describing Chemical Change (pdf)Types of Chemical Reactions (ppt)  
              Types of Chemical Reactions (pdf)Chemical Reactions (ppt) 
              Chemical Reactions (pdf)Thermochemistry–Heat and Chemical Change (pdf)
              Heat Differences in Changes of State