Selected Labs and Activities – Oceanography

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Lesson Plans to Promote Mastery of NGSS and Common Core Standards

Draft lessons plans developed through grant support from the International Ocean Discovery Program (IODP)

“Tales of the Resolution”
Download Episodes: 

Student Worksheet–TotR_Student_Jan14                        Teacher Guidelines–TotR_Teacher_Jan14

Classroom procedure guide: TotR procedures         Student activity response sheet:  TotR_directions

“How Old Is the Ocean Floor? Discoveries from Scientific Ocean Drilling”–How_Old_Is_the_Ocean_Floor_Jan14


“Ocean Explorer” (NOAA)

NOAA has supported a number of expeditions each year since 2001. These have produced a variety of online educational materials which can be accessed through this link. Several of the activities are also included below by topic.

“Ocean World” (Texas A & M)
Shoebox Bathymetry
All About Waves
Why Is the Ocean Salty?
Water Density
Underwater Amusement Park

“Ocean Planet”
Sea Secrets

Sea Connections
Ocean Market
Pollution Solution
Stranded Along the Coast
Reflections on the Sea

National Ocean Service (NOS) Education Discovery Kits:

“Dive and Discover” (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution):

“Ocean Oasis” (San Diego Natural History Museum):

“Virtual Voyages for Introductory Oceanography” (K. Grove, San Francisco State U):  


Marine Geology

“Sea Floor Spreading in the Atlantic”:

“A Model of Sea Floor Spreading”:

“The Galapagos Spreading center”:

“Hydrothermal Vents: That She Blows”:

“Hudson Canyon Expedition: Let’s Bet on Sediments”:

Physical and Chemical Oceanography

“Ocean Currents”

“Salinity and Deep Ocean Currents” (from “Visit to an Ocean Planet”)

“Ocean Circulation”

“Ocean Temperatures”

“Ocean Temperatures”

“Sunspot Activity and Ocean Temperatures” “Ocean Currents”

“An Ocean of Weather”

“Cartesian Diver”

“Exploring the Sea World” by Bryon E. Jordan: