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Note: This is a work-in-progress and more will be added as time allows.

Conference Presentations

“Making the Invisible Visible: Improve Your Teaching about Weather and Climate” (NSTA SF STEM 2019)“Creating Challenges for Middle and High School Students: Ocean Acidification” (NSTA SF STEM 2019)
“So Now You Are Teaching Earth Science–What Do You Need to Know to Get Ready?”   (NSTA Atlanta 2018)“NESTA Shares: connecting culture and eARTh science”(NSTA Atlanta 2018)

E2C Workshop Introductory Slideshows “by Sphere”


“What Can the Geochemistry of Bricks Reveal about Historical Archaeology?” with David Walker  (Mar 2018)

“Volcanic Eruptions: How Wet? How Hot? How Fast?” with Terry Plank, Megan Newcombe, and Anna Barth (Feb 2018)


“Opportunities for citizen science in reducing exposure to environmental hazards: Lead in soil and arsenic in well-water” with Lex van Geen and Franziska Landes


“Air Quality-Climate-Vegetation Interactions” with Arlene Fiore & Olivia Clifton (Jan 2016)


“Great Rivers and Changing Oceans” with Ajit Subramaniam (Jan 2018)

“Studying Phytoplankton Adaptations to Different Marine Environments” with Solange Duhamel & Andy Juhl (May 2016)

“Southeast Asian tree rings and hydroclimate: recent developments and future prospects” with Brendan Buckley (Sep 2017)

“Climate Change”

“Climate Change and What You Can Do about It” plus “Using LDEO Core Repository Resources in Your Classroom” with Maureen Raymo (Bruce C Heezen Research Professor), Nichole Anest (Curator), Clara Chang, Ashley Braunthal (Nov 2017)
“What Can Dust Reveal about Past Climates?”
 with Jerry McManus, Gisela Winckler, and Allison Jacobel (Oct 2016)

“Impact of CO2 on the Earth’s Environment: Science behind the Paris Climate Accord” with Taro Takahashi (Mar 2016)