“Strategies to Apply GIS in the Classroom” with Kytt MacManus, CIESIN and Steve Kluge, Educational Technology Consultant (April 2009)

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Originally presented 18 Apr 2009

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are swiftly becoming a fixture of modern Earth exploration.  Researchers, educators, business owners, government decision makers, and the general public are all reaping the benefits from the wealth of geographic information now available.
Kytt MacManus will open this workshop with an introduction to GIS and its capabilities in addressing a wide array of different problems.  Participants will interactively learn about several free platforms available for data visualization including Google Earth, NASA World Wind, ArcGIS Explorer, and custom applications developed by CIESIN and partners.  Collectively, these tools could be used to teach a wide range of topics spanning the natural and social sciences.  Participants will learn about what types of data are available, and where to find them.
The second part of the workshop will feature Steve Kluge, an award-winning New York State Earth Science Teacher who has become a leader in educational applications of Google Earth and other electronic data base resources.

CIESIN, the Center for International Earth Science Information Networks,  moved to the Lamont campus of Columbia University to become a center within the Earth Institute (EI). in 1998. As a non-profit organization founded in 1989 in Michigan, CIESIN had established a strong reputation for interdisciplinary data and information development and Internet-based tools and applications, working across the natural, social, and health sciences. The move to Columbia has enabled CIESIN to strengthen its scientific and technical capabilities and partnerships, reach out more effectively to key policy and user communities, and broaden its impact both nationally and internationally. Within the EI, CIESIN now works closely with scientists from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO), International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI), Tropical Agriculture Program (TAP), and other EI centers and programs on a wide range of activities that address human-environment interactions. CIESIN has also taken a leadership role on cyberinfrastructure development, both within the EI and the University more generally. 

Introduction to this Workshop

“Strategies to Apply GIS in the Classroom”
with Kytt MacManus, CIESIN 
and Steve Kluge, Educational Technology Consultant

There is no introductory presentation for this Workshop because Kytt MacManus will provide guides to participants about how to use ArcGIS Explorer and other programs. Steve Kluge will provide guides to using Google Earth. 

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“Strategies to Apply GIS in the Classroom”
with Kytt MacManus, CIESIN 
and Steve Kluge, Educational Technology Consultant

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Images from “Strategies to Apply GIS in the Classroom” with Kytt MacManus, CIESIN, and Steve Kluge, Educational Technology Consultant