“Teaching about Astronomy–Space Weather”

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LDEO NGSS Summer Institutes: “Teaching about Astronomy” (GED 7214)

Lesson 10:  Space Weather

Expect Time Required: 3 – 4 hr

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Selected NGSS Connections:


Weather conditions on Earth can be affected by short-term changes in the energy received from the Sun. “Space Weather” can have significant impacts on the outer parts of Earth’s atmosphere, the ionosphere, thermosphere, and magnetosphere. Bursts of solar energy can affect technology grids and satellites. Read about the potential impacts of Space Weather on our planet.

Given the increased recognition of the effects of Space Weather on our planet, no study of Weather is complete without a brief review of key aspects of this topic.

Learning about Space Weather

The NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center monitors Space Weather and has the authority to issue warnings and watches, just as they do for other weather hazards.
Begin by viewing these four short videos about Space Weather.

Response: Explain briefly how you might use these in your curriculum.

Browse the resources and current conditions available from the Space Weather Prediction Center.

Response: What were three of the most interesting resources on this website?

How might you use these resources in your curriculum?

NASA also monitors Space Weather with its SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory) satellite. Examine the resources available through this website.

Response: Compare and contrast the NOAA and NASA Space Weather missions.

How might you use this in your curriculum?

NASA’s “Space Place” educational resources provide information about Space Weather effects for Earth, and also describes the “weather” on neighboring planets.

Response: How might you use these resources in your curriculum?

Another resource for this topic is “Space Weather Now”. 

Response: How might you use these resources in your curriculum?

You can learn more through resources available from the “Windows to the Universe Space Weather” pages.

Now examine the NBC Learn “When Nature Strikes: Space Weather” module. Explore the information presented in the video and accompanying narration, and try the related activities.

Response: Explain briefly how you might use this in your classroom.

Create an “elevator speech” that would explain what Space Weather is and its importance to us.

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