Teaching about Minerals, Rocks, and Resources–Curriculum Suggestions

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Earth Science Literacy Principles

Minerals, Rocks, and Resources (Dr. Michael J Passow)

Minerals, Rocks, and Resources (Others)

Sample Lesson Plans Developed by Heather Rose Hall and Alyssa Admirand (Wallkill CSD), participants in LDEO NGSS Summer 2015 Institute
Introduction to Rocks and Minerals (Do-Now)
Conclusion to Rocks and Minerals
Rocks and Minerals End-of-Unit Lesson

Sample Lesson Developed by Lawrence McIntyre and Richard Anderson (participents in the LDEO NGSS Summer 2017 Institute) Showing Their True Colors: An Investigation into the Many Varieties of Quartz, Calcite, and Feldspar

Mineralogy Investigations by David J Levinson, Brooklyn College

Windows to the Universe “Let’s Take a Rock Apart”

Selected websites – Minerals, Rocks, and Resources

USGS rock and mineral resources

Mineral Education Coalition

PRI “Teacher-Friendly Guides to the Earth Science in the United States” 

Volcano World

VW Earth Science Lessons

Mineralogical Society’s “Mineralogy 4 Kids”

“Building Stones of Our Nation’s Capitol”

“Building Stones of the United States”

Franklin Mineral Museum

Sterling Hill Mining Museum

Women in Mining Classroom Activities


European Geoscience Union 2015 GIFT (Geoscience Information For Teachers Workshop: Mineral Resources