“The North Atlantic Oscillation and Climate Variability” with Martin Visbeck (Feb 2000)

by | Jul 27, 2023 | Ocean and Atmospheric Physics

Originally presented Feb 5, 2000

Martin Visbeck 

My main research interest is to understand the ocean’s role in the climate system and its consequences for society. How is decadal climate variability orchestrated? Does the ocean influence atmospheric variability in mid-latitudes? What is the North Atlantic Oscillation? Does primary productivity depend on decadal variability? Can we forecast deep convection in the Labrador Sea? And what role do the polar oceans have in the climate system? I have worked on a number of problems using ocean models and data from sea-going expeditions and enjoy thinking about the nuts and bolts of the daily science as much as developing new multidisciplinary research programs for the years to come.