BIG BOOMS! VOLCANOES AND EARTHQUAKES with Arthur Lerner-Lam and Steven Goldstein (Nov 2004)

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Originally presented 20 Nov 2004

Guest Scientists: Art Lerner-Lam and Steve Goldstein

2004 has been an exciting year for seismologists, volcanologists, geophysicists, and Earth Science teachers and students! The same week at the end of September and beginning of October in which there was a quake in the Parkfield, CA, region (Motto: “Earthquake Capital of the US. Be here when the Big One strikes”), Mount St. Helens began to shake and smoke.

Join us for discussions with Art Lerner-Lam and Steve Goldstein as they describe some of the LDEO investigations about these important geo-phenomena. They presented a well-received panel discussion during the 2004 Annual Open House, and eagerly share their work with us at this session.

“Living with earthquakes” by Art Lerner-Lam (ppt)  “Living with earthquakes” by Art Lerner-Lam (pdf)

Follow-Up with LDEO Research



Hurricane Floyd over Florida

 Introduction to this Workshop


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